Service assurance

Our service promise for all our assignments

Every candidate presented to you will:

  • Meet your job requirements
  • Have been interviewed
  • Fully understand the job role, including salary being offered
  • Be serious about a career move/next role

For temporary candidates:

  • Have had their right to work in the UK documents verified and copied
  • Have their ID documents verified and copied
  • Have been reference checked for 3 years
  • Be able to explain gaps in employment and provide supplementary back up where references are not available via professional or other reference sources

Enhanced service offering

We can also:

  • Conduct Disclosure checks, including enhanced checks such as SC where the role requires
  • Provide references for a longer period of time eg 10 years
  • Conduct credit and social media checks
  • Organise and deliver assessment centres utilising our own team and associate consultants; this ensures consistency across the UK